Groom Make Up

It's the D-Day and no stone should be left unturned by the groom as well to look as fabulous as the bride. We prepare you to be at your best for this special day.As every groom is unique and requires specialized services, our groom services start with a free consultation with our experts. Post the consultation we offer you with our pre-wedding packages that start few weeks before the marriage and it includes skin treatments, basic and advanced beauty services, tan treatment etc.
Men usually do not wear as much makeup as women. Keeping in mind we endeavour to provide a natural look yet giving a flawless astonishing makeover. Our groom make up packages include proper moisturization of skin, corrected dark under eye circles, spot concealing on pesky unwanted red zits, airbrush or powdered foundation for a more flawless look; and we also work on grooming your stub and those masculine moustaches that you want to keep for that rugged look which you want to carry out with panache.