Peel With Galvanic

Galvanic skin treatment, also known as galvanic therapy or galvanic facial or galvanic iontophoresis, is an exclusive treatment method for skin. Women, who are at their 40s or above, can undergo this treatment to get smooth and youthful skin. The method involved in this treatment is called ‘iontophoresis’ in which a soft or low-intensity electric current (charged particles) is applied to the inner layers of the aged skin electrically by using a charged gel and a uniquely devised machine. It helps in nourishing the skin, boosting the supply of oxygen throughout it, making it revived and enhancing the efficacy of all other commercial skincare products used on it afterwards.

Benefits of Galvanic Facial/Skin Treatment

  • It cleanses as well as purifies the skin.
  • It provides excellent nourishment to the skin cells.
  • It boosts the circulation of oxygen in our skin cells.
  • It helps various anti-aging products to work perfectly.
  • It keeps aging at bay by driving off different signs of aging.
  • It gives a smooth and glowing skin even at 40 and that too without any surgery.