Keratin Treatment

Hair has always been a subject of envy and admiration throughout the world. Having beautiful hair is a boon bestowed upon a lucky few. While the rest of us struggle with our hair every single day, the chosen few walk the earth, unaffected, swishing their perfect hair and making us green with jealously. Having said that, it’s high time we do something to our lovable bird’s nest, aka our hair. For once, let’s ditch the home remedies and rely on science. With amazing developments in the beauty industry came another revolutionary procedure for hair, the Keratin treatment. With a large number of success rate and a huge clientele, this treatment has certainly built itself a loyal fan following. Want to try this too? Read on further to know why and how it can transform your hair into the silky waterfall you’ve always wanted.

During a keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it look smooth, shiny and frizz free, thereby making it very popular among women and men. Such treatments fill in the porous spots in your hair which materialized due to loss of keratin. These overly-porous hair cause frizz, tangles and breakage. A keratin treatment is basically rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands.