Hair Perming

Some hairstyle never die and the perm is one of them. Curly hair is something that has been, is and always be adorable, sexy and prized. So whether you are looking to change your look out of boredom or simply because you want a trendy style, a perm is always a good option. Our stylists at Shades Skin & Hair Care always make sure that you are not only given a personalised look, but the one that is rich and vivid.
A permanent wave, perm is a chemical hair treatment which adds curl and body to your hair. Every perm has two parts: the physical wrapping of the hair into shapes and a chemical bath that breaks and then reforms the disulphide bonds of your hair. As the curls in your hair will be a permanent one, it is important that the salon you choose is trustworthy. Same goes for the stylists.
At Shades Skin & Hair Care we make sure that the stylist doing your perm is professional and knows exactly what you want. He/she will not only guide you through the whole process beforehand, but will help you with personalised tips whenever needed,
There are certain things too that should be kept in mind before going for a perm. As the name implies, a perm is permanent – you’ll grow out new hair that won’t be permed, but the rest of it will be curled for up to six months, and a little less curly still after that. It is also critical that you know your hair type and the condition it is in. Here again our stylists can help you make a wise decision and mitigate adverse effects like hair loss and breakage.