Heel Peel Treatment

I’ll start by explaining why I decided to book this treatment. I don’t usually have cracked feet but with the summers being as hot as they were this year, I was only in open footwear. That did a number on my feet and I ended up with tanned, dry skin and cracks that didn’t seem to go away no matter what I tried. Since this service was at home and did not require any big effort on my part, I thought I’ll at least get some pampering done even if the cracks don’t disappear.

The Product:

The professional showed me the brand new kit before starting. It had the following products:

  • HeelPeel Softener – A foot peel to soften the skin and help remove thick, dry skin
  • Cheryl’s Scraper – A unique scraper to rub off that dead skin
  • Cheryl’s Buffer – A specially-designed buffer for filing and eliminated deep-seated dead skin
  • Cheryl’s HeelPeel Cream – A moisturiser, deodoriser and rejuvenator.