High Fashion Makeup

Fashion makeup is generally used by professional makeup artists for catwalk models, collection look books or clothing advertisements. It is all about the full body shots to show off the clothing. The look can be edgy and dramatic or classic and vintage.
In this type of environment, the makeup artist needs to work closely with the fashion designer or editor so that the makeup enhances the clothing creations – and can often be quite dramatic and high impact, even experimental on times.
Catwalk makeup can be very different to makeup used in magazines and advertisements. One reason is due to the fast pace of the catwalk, so the makeup artist must work quickly but skilfully – and this requires a certain set of skills and creativity. And a second reason is that runway lighting can be so bright that it reduces the strength of the makeup, so a more theatrical look to the eyes and lips can become important.
On times there can be a clash between the makeup required for catwalks and that required for fashion photography. So the makeup artist must be experienced in blending the designer’s needs with those of fashion photography. And it is very important that the designer and makeup artist work as a team.
A successful collection or clothing advertisement is based on an effective collaboration between the makeup artist and the designer or editor. And this is grounded in the creative skills of the makeup artist – who must be aware of the clothing line – specifically the colours and overall theme, as well as the hair styling and any jewellery or props used in the show or the shots.
A successful makeup artist must not only be on top of the latest runway and couture trends, but also be aware of the latest trends in the high street. Being up to date and able to adapt a look quickly – is an important skill for the professional makeup artist.